March Norwex Customer Specials

March 2019 Norwex Customer Specials Australia |

The March customer specials have some of my favourite products in them! A travel envirocloth was my very first norwex product, given to me as a host gift when I booked my first party. I brought it home and couldn’t stop cleaning, I was so amazed how effective it was!

They are great to have in car, in your hand bag, or desk drawer at work… super useful for mopping up spills when you’re out and about, and getting all sorts of things out of clothes – whether you spill something on yourself, or your kids help! They come in a pack of five, which is just awesome.

The wet wipes bag has two separate water-proof areas, so you can use it for wet travel enviro cloths (clean or dirty) or, like me, you might have one compartment for dry cloths, lip balm, rescue gel etc, and one for placing used cloths in. I also think they are a MUST HAVE for any teenage girl’s school bag – a great place to keep a spare pair of knickers and other essentials.

Rescue Gel I have raved about before, so I will just refer you back to that post if you want to know about my love affair with it. Suffice to say we have about 4 bottles going in our house at any given time, and one of them is always next to my bed, and one in my hand bag!

And the product of the month, the Timeless Natural Hand cleaner, is a fabulous, aloe vera based gel with essential oils to provide it’s antiseptic benefits. It is another product I always carry in my bag, and my kids know to grab it if we are out and about and they need to wash their hands – we call it soap and water in a bottle. 🙂 What I love is that it is also moisturising, not drying like traditional alcohol based hand sanitisers, and it has no nasties like triclosan! Buy it on sale this month at 15% off.

Or, (and/or!) get the On the Go pack, also saving 15%, here.