Guest Post Guidelines

(updated May 2017)

Yes, I am happy to publish a guest post every month or so. I get between five and ten guest post requests per week, so please only submit a pitch after reading this WHOLE page, and please use the form on this page to submit your idea.

Please read on if you:

a) have a blog or website in a related niche to Sustainable Suburbia and would like to submit a guest post
b) you don’t have a website at all but would like to write for SustainableSuburbia just because you have something (relevant) to say.

If you are not one of these people, I’m much less likely to publish your article. If you wanting to get backlinks to your unrelated commercial website (or someone else’s unrelated commercial website), please don’t contact me.

Also PLEASE NOTE: I get SEVERAL guest post queries in an average week. I publish very few of them.

Okay? Good.

Now, if you are in one of those categories, I would be happy to hear about your guest post IDEA (don’t send me the completed post). If we agree on a topic, I will then send you submission guidelines.

Guest Post Pitch Guidelines

  1. Include a specific pitch. This is not just a title and it is not a topic area. Give me your suggested titled and a few dots points of what the article will cover. Be specific: what is your angle?*
  2. Include your ‘author bio’ including a link to your site (if you have one – if not your facebook, twitter profile etc will do), with your pitch.
  3. Use Australian English and keep in mind that about half my readership is Australian.
  4. Guest posts should be written from your personal perspective.

*NB if you don’t know how to write a query (pitch), take a look at this ebook, from the author of The Renegade Writer. You can get some excellent tips just by reading the kindle sample or the “click to look inside” extract (and the book’s only $2.99 anyway). You can also learn a lot straight from her blog. Don’t send me a 1000 word query though! Just a few sentences!

Topic Areas I Favour

If you are a reader of this site you will probably have some ideas already, but specifically, I would love to see your pitch for posts with

  • reducing toxic chemicals in your home – but make sure you look at what I have already covered and only pitch in this area if you have something NEW to say – it could be an article about a particular chemical or group of chemicals you feel people need to know about (eg phthaletes, parabens, fire retardents etc) or it could be an area of the home or group of products (eg how to choose a non-toxic floor covering, what is in your house paint and are their other options, do you know what is in your shampoo/makeup/etc) (If thinking about particular products, keep in mind my site is pitched first and foremost at Australian readers – although about 50% are Australian and 50% are from elsewhere.)
  • book reviews of relevant books
  • reviews of Norwex products you already have and love (I am not going to give free products in exchange for a review, sorry!)
  • Something else closely linked to the other content areas on this blog, that will help the readers find ways to live more sustainably.

Here’s What Not To Do

  1. Do not send me message that starts “Dear Sir”, or “Hi”. I have a name, it is all over this website. Use it.
  2. Do not send me a guest post pitch if you want to link back to a totally unrelated website. Like on Insurance or something.
  3. Do not send me a message telling me you would like to write a guest post on a general topic, or with just a title: narrow it down to a specific pitch (read “What are the components of a query letter” in the sample of that book, if you don’t know how to write a pitch – don’t send me 1000 words though! Just a few sentences.).
  4. Do not send me a message that says “I would like to write a guest post on your site. Let me know what you would like me to write on.” See #3.
  5. If you do any of these things, do not expect a response to your email. Honestly, sometimes I do still respond, because I don’t like to be rude (even though really? Use my name!), but I get SO MANY guest post emails, that it’s easy to let them slide when they do these things. Especially 1 & 2!

How to Submit

After reading the whole of this page, use the Submission Form to submit a proposal covering your article idea in detail and your author bio, as you would like it to appear beneath your post. If I am interested in your idea I will send you contributor guidelines and let you know how to submit the article, or help you develop it into something more relevant.

Notes About Linking

This should be about publishing a quality, interesting article, not about getting ‘backlinks’ to your website. However, writers are encouraged to include a short bio at the end of their article, which may link back to your website or writing portfolio, or even your social media profile. Links to relevant sites are okay within the article.

Happy Writing!

Kirsten McCulloch
Non-toxic Cleaning Mum/Writer

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