What is Norwex Anyway??

Have you heard the buzz about the amazing Norwex products, and want to know more? Are YOU ready to find out about Norwex? Do yourself a favour, and check out the fabulous Norwex Dream Starter Kit.

Or, if you still aren’t sure what you are missing, here’s my good friend Rachelle with a 5 minute Norwex 101. She has seriously fitted so many demos into this little video it’s amazing!  ! (On the other hand, follow this link if you are looking for INSTRUCTIONS for your Norwex products)

I often show this video at my Facebook parties (yes, you read that right, we party online!), as it gives such a good grounding in the basics.

Would you like to be using the Dream Starter Kit in your home now? Click here to start shopping – you’ll be so glad you did. You will save soooo much time and money, as well as getting rid of the toxic chemicals in your home.

Or, talk to me about hosting your own ONLINE party – the hosting program is VERY generous, and allows hosts to “Norwex their home” for little or no cost! Or if you’re in Canberra of course I’d love to come demo the products at your home or workplace!

If you’ve seen enough and want to help bring Norwex to Australia or New Zealand, transforming our world one home at a time, contact me for more details on joining the Top Team in the country, for as little as $10.95. We have masses of support and training, both within our team and from Norwex, and a wonderful, ethical company at our backs, which I believe is a big part of our AMAZING success.

I also have a bit of an FAQ here on Joining Norwex in Australia or Joining Norwex in New Zealand.

Every time I go to a Norwex conference, training, or leadership conference I am blown away buy how much everyone in Norwex – from the local office staff to the global CEO, really CARE.

Norwex is all about improving quality of life, through radically reducing the chemicals in our homes. What’s not to love?

Norwex - save your health, save time, save money, save the environment

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  2 comments for “What is Norwex Anyway??

  1. Carole Kilcran
    August 15, 2017 at 2:01 am

    I love my cloths and lack of chemicals in the house
    I wash my cloths in the washer with chemical free detergent No softener
    My question can I put them in dryer I usually hang them to dry, but moved to a home 1/2 the sq ft

    • December 6, 2018 at 3:50 pm

      Hi Carole, I hope I already replied to you by email, but in case I didn’t – yes! Norwex cloths can be dried in the dryer or on the line. Just avoid any fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

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