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I have been incredibly slack, over the past few years, about recording all the awesome feedback I have had from customers about their Norwex products…

So here are just a tiny proportion of the lovely things people have said. If you have a testimonial I would LOVE it if you would leave a comment, and I will add it into the main page over time. Or send me an email if you prefer 🙂

Cleaning Paste on Bath “Scratches”

 I found my Norwex paste and used it on some stains which I thought were scratches and damage to the bath and they all disappeared after being there for a couple of years so I was very happy and have been scrubbing everything with it since then!

Julia, Canberra, 2019

Dealing with Rosacea + Body Scrub Mitt love

I have very sensitive skin and rosacea, I have been using the facial cloth and/or the body cloth for about two months now and have a much clearer face and I have not had to use my rosacea prescription at all. I love the body glove, I exfoliate and then use the smooth side to shave my legs, without Norwex within an hour my legs are so dry and flaky, NOT with the body glove though! Love it!

Rhonda (who posted her comment on my body cloth post), 2018

Cleaning Shower Glass

The ‘uncleanable’ glass in my shower looks better that it has since we moved in 5 years ago.

As an added bonus both my kids have been hit with the cleaning bug since our products arrived. A favourite is wearing the dusting glove.

Kellie aka A Very Happy Norwex Customer, from Monash

(Kellie used the scrub cloth & cleaning paste, and followed with the window cloth)

Kitchen Cloth & Towel

Wow, this really dries the dishes! Not like a normal tea towel!

Tanya, Canberra, 2017 (on first using the kitchen towel and said in a tone of complete astonishment)

There was sausage fat on the table, and I just wiped it up with the kitchen cloth. Not only did it pick it all up, but I kept wiping, and it didn’t spread it around at all! No other kitchen cloth we’ve ever had would have done that!

Chris Howe (who happens to be my husband)

Check it out – just with the kitchen cloth & water. Jack thought we had a new microwave as the outside is all nice and shiny too.

kitchen cloth and water to clean the microwave | SustainableSuburbia.net

Clare, Darlington, NSW


Travel pack - 4 mini sized envirocloths | SustainableSuburbia.netThis is a story from a customer at a party. She won a travel (mini) envirocloth at the previous party, and I told her a story that has become legend among Canberra consultants, about a car seat, an injudiciously placed meat pie and the back of someone’s skirt – all in the middle of the work day, and all SAVED (well, maybe not the meat pie!) by a travel envirocloth and some water…

So this customer comes to the next party and says to me:

So, I remembered your story about the meat pie, so I kept my travel envirocloth in the car. It’s a brand new car, so worth keeping clean. Then I got a brand new puppy. Took puppy in the car. She threw up in the passenger seat, and down between the seat and the centre console! Well, I remembered your story, so I grabbed my little envirocloth and wet it from my water bottle and cleaned up, and afterwards there was NO SMELL!

Washing Powder

aka, Ultra Power Plus Laundry Powder

Just wanted to let you know, at this stage I love the washing powder, please put me on the list if it is ever on special !!!  It took my white fluffy dressing gown that I have had for 15 years back to white, it had gone slightly yellowish, and I washed with a teaspoon of powder and it’s glowing !!

Vanessa, Oxley, 2016

I just love the laundry powder! I don’t think I could live without it. It doesn’t scum up my machine, and it just works so well! So thank you for introducing norwex laundry powder into my life! And the cloths too, I love them too!

Peta – Canberra

She added: “The mop is really, really great”


The body cloths have improved my quality of life. After suffering from chronic dermatitis on both hands... - product review by Vanessa Moore | SustainableSuburbia.net

The one I love the most is the glass and window polishing cloth. I have new mirrored glass wardrobe doors in my bedroom and the cloth is great.

Sue, Mawson

Rescue Gel for the WIN!

This is a story my Mum told me the other day. Her back has been bothering her for weeks, especially if she sits for any length of time. When she would stand up after sitting for a couple of hours, she would be at almost a 45 degree angle, and only able to straighten up gradually as she walked. Last Saturday was the worst day so far, and Sunday when she was getting dressed she was in a lot of pain – that’s when she thought of reaching for the Rescue Gel.

I just rubbed it on gently, not really massaging it in or anything. And at first I didn’t notice, but after a while, I realised my back was almost normal. Still the occasional twinge, but much, much better, and it has stayed good since! I couldn’t believe it!

Leonie, Kambah

Now if you want to see my own story about how Rescue Gel saved me from throwing up on a bus recently, it’s here in a facebook live I did recently, while (sort of) dressed up as Slinky Malinki 🙂  https://www.facebook.com/sustainablesuburbia/videos/1697086257000571/

Glasses & Faces

“I love the glasses cloth, works wonders and I totally recommend the face cloth I won. It has saved me from Panda eyes.”

Michelle, Isabella Plains

Dealing with Dust Mites & Eczema (Mattress Cleaner)

Rebecca’s Norwex journey started when someone lent her the Mattress Cleaner to help with her son’s severe eczema and dust mite allergy. She was amazed!


Click to see it bigger!

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