Kirsten McCulloch

Kirsten McCulloch is an Australian mother of three living in the suburbs. She has a background in writing and editing, particularly for the web, and a life long interest in living sustainably. On her journey to reduce her energy and resource consumption, she makes her own non-toxic cleaners, keeps chooks, has a few fruit trees, and a mostly organic vegetable patch. She is learning to knit and crochet but she can’t sew to save her life. She is trying hard to declutter her home. Slowly. She is trying to teach her children to value the natural environment and not to waste resources, with somewhat patchy success to date.

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Norwex Australia 2019 Spring Catalogue

The new 2019 Spring catalogue is here! Download the 2019 Australian Norwex Spring Catalogue in PDF here (23 MB), or browse the images below (click the page you want to read to see it larger, and scroll through them from there). You can look at the catalogue as a flipbook using Flash here, or browse…

Lysere Body Wash Instructions

Lysere Body Wash |

Nordic Lingonberry and Bilberry Extract delicately nourish and cleanse. Unique oil-to foam texture leaves skin supple, moisturized and velvety smooth. Free from synthetic fragrances, sulfates (SLS/SLES), phthalates, formaldehyde, mineral oil and gluten. No animal-derived ingredients. HOW TO USE: When showering, pour a small amount of Body Wash onto a Body Cloth and massage over body.…

Lysere Body Lotion Instructions

Norwex Lysere Body Lotion |

Hydrating Moringa Butter provides silky softness, and antioxidant-rich Bilberry Extract leaving skin soft, quenched and nourished. Free from synthetic fragrances, sulfates (SLS/SLES), phthalates, formaldehyde, mineral oil and gluten. No animal-derived ingredients. HOW TO USE: After bath or shower, massage lotion over entire body. Use whenever skin feels dry. COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS: Lysere Body Wash, Lysere Body…

Lysere Hand Lotion Instructions

Norwex Lysere Hand Lotion |

Lysere Hand Lotion is an antioxidant-rich, quick-absorbing hand lotion for a slip-resistant feel and a soft, powdery finish with lasting comfort. Free from synthetic fragrances, sulfates (SLS/SLES), phthalates, formaldehyde, mineral oil and gluten. Suitable for all skin types. No animal-derived ingredients. HOW TO USE: Apply on hands as frequently as desired. COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS: Timeless Natural…

Lysere Body Polish Instructions

Norwex Lysere Body Polish |

With Norwex Lysere Body Polish, Magnesium-rich, fine-grain Dead Sea salts gently polish and exfoliate while Sea Buckthorn and Nordic Birch Sap help to detoxify the skin, leaving behind a smooth, healthy-looking glow. WHERE TO USE: The body polish exfoliates and cleans better than soaps or cleansers. It regulates moisture level of the skin and cleans…

Window Cloth Mop Pad Instructions

Norwex Window Cloth Mop Pad Large |

BacLock – Smooth, Shiny Graphite Mop Pad Where to use: Use on windows to easily bring high windows to a sparkling shine. How to use: For dirty surfaces, clean first with an EnviroCloth, Wet Mop Pad, Tile Mop Pad and dry with a dry Window Cloth Mop Pad. Maintenance: Slightly dirty Window Cloth Mop Pads…

Tech Cleaning Cloth Instructions

Norwex Tech Cleaning Cloth |

Remove fingerprints, streaks and smudges from phones, tablets, laptops, tv etc without scratching.  Silicone dots on one side add grip and control. Comes with a convenient carry case. How to use: Gently wipe tech screens from centre to outer edge. Maintenance:  A Tech Cleaning Cloth that is slightly dirty can be washed with Norwex Dishwashing…


Norwex Sportzyme |

Destroys organic odours completely! Based on natural enzymes. The special bioactive formula in Sportzyme contains dormant, non-pathogenic, fast-acting microbes and enzymes that break down and eliminate organic residues which cause odours in shoes, equipment bags and sporting equipment. When sprayed on a surface, these microbes feed off food sources such as sweat, urine and other…

EnviroScrub Instructions

Norwex EnviroScrub Pack of Three |

Dual-sided cloth with EnviroCloth one side to easily clean dirt and residue and Scrub Cloth the other to gently scrub without scratching. This handy 2 in 1 cloth easily cleans sticky, gooey messes from all non-stick surfaces, including pots and pans, kitchen countertops, sinks, splashbacks, tiled walls, showers, bathtubs, windows, floors, toys, tools, kitchen appliances,…

Dry and Buff Car Cloth Instructions

One side is plush, absorbent microfibre to dry your car quickly preventing spots and streaks.  The other has special checked microfibre to spot buff and shine to a high gleam.  This cloth will not scratch paint* and your car will stay shiny and repel dust and dirt longer. How to use: Dry your freshly washed…

Join Norwex for FREE in Australia and New Zealand!

Join Norwex for Free July-August 2019 details, Australia and New Zealans

On this page: Join Norwex for Free | Get a limited edition upgrade kit at 40% off | Get more FREE GIFTS | How to get a $300 Norwex Shopping Spree | More information **NB Although this particular offer has ended, you can join Norwex in Australia or join in New Zealand for only the cost of shipping EVERY month.** And…

Mother’s Day Sale!

Oh wow, check out these Mother’s Day Specials Norwex has just announced, for Australia and New Zealand! I was just this morning admiring the “flowers” design optic scarf on my handbag, and wishing they’d bring it out as a regular product ! Well, it’s still strictly limited edition, but for the rest of this month,…

Microfibre Cleaner Laundry Booster Instructions

Microfibre Cleaner Laundry Booster

Eliminate odours and extremely tough stains from grass, urine, blood, grease, grime and more with enzyme power boosters. Restore formerly dingy laundry to bright, clean and odour-free, all without harmful chemicals. Where to use: As a pre-wash soaker in a bucket of water or in the washing machine. How to use:  To deep clean microfibre…

Stainless Steel Cloth Instructions

Stainless Steel Cloth

Where to use: Remove smudges, fingerprints, grease marks and water droplets from stainless steel surfaces (smooth and brushed) and other metal appliances like copper and nickel. (Please follow manufacturer’s instructions for special coatings used on various metals.) It can also be used for polishing ceramic cooktops. How to use:  To polish stainless steel, rub dry…

Pillowcase Instructions

Pillowcases (Set of two)

Containing our BacLock antibacterial agent, these pillowcases are easy to clean, durable and ultra-smooth.  With self-cleaning properties they are great for acne-prone skin and are a perfect neutral cloud colour to work with any décor. Maintenance: Launder with other lint-free laundry using a Norwex Laundry Detergent or Norwex Liquid Laundry. You can buy the Pillowcases from me,…

Rubber Broom Instructions

Rubber Broom

Broom and Squeegee combo perfect for indoors and out!  Electrostatically removes pet hair and fuzz.  Squeegee is great for drying decks, pool areas, patios, balconies and more.  Extendable handle.  Maintenance: Rinse under warm water to clean. You can buy the Rubber Broom from me, in Australia.

Kids Bath Sponge Instructions

Kids Bath Sponge

Clean delicate skin without scratching using this fun velvety soft bath sponge.  The elastic band which can be flipped to either side of the sponge to make slippery bath times a thing of the past! Plus it’s perfect for ‘sponge bathing’ on those days when there’s no time for a bath.   Maintenance: Between uses,…