Housewarming Gift Ideas for Green Living

So your friends are moving into a new house and you’d like to get them something useful to celebrate, but what? These are simple living people who simply won’t appreciate what they perceive as unnecessary clutter. Or more explicitly, as landfill. Here are some housewarming gift ideas that might help:

Consider getting useful solar powered items like LED garden lights – but ask yourself: is this something that will be useful to them?

If they have a pool in their new house you could get them a solar pool cover, which is like a blanket that soaks up the sun’s heat while protecting against evaporation. These can be pricey depending on the size of the pool, but could perhaps be something you could share the purchase of with someone else.

Salad growing in a pot on the kitchen bench

This 7-pod salad greens seed kit includes a flavorful, colorful mix of Green Leaf, Red Leaf, Red Butterhead, and Romaine lettuces, to grow right on your kitchen bench - talk about growing where you'll use it!

Keeping to the outdoors theme, it’s hardly pretty, but maybe they would like a bag of organic garden compost, or a few vegetable garden seedlings, or, if they’re moving into a house without a garden, maybe some “salad in a pot” – a large shallow pot of salad vegetables that could easily live on a balcony and can make an attractive gift.

If they’re moving into a fixer up, and are interested in sustainable home design, get them the new edition of Sustainable House by Michael Mobbs – but make sure they don’t already have it first!

If they are handy, do-it-yourself types, maybe an ebook on how to install DIY solar panels would be appreciated. In fact, any ebook has the advantage of not using the earth’s resources, while not cluttering up your friends’ home. Their computer is another thing altogether of course!

You can also still go the more traditional route for housewarming gifts, of something for around the home, but go for eco-friendly homewares like organic cotton or bamboo blankets. But again, get them something they can use. Do they need new blankets for the bed in the spare room they’ve never had before? Or would that beautiful organic cotton blanket just be clutter for them?

Decluttering and minimalist living may be de rigueur with the green living set, but that’s not to say you can’t find them a gift they’ll appreciate. You just need to make sure it is something they really will use and that is therefore not destined to become landfill.

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