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Repairing & Restoring Your Way Towards a Sustainable Future

a child and his grandfather examine a bike wheel

If, like me, you are trying to live more sustainably, there is much to be positive about. In the world of fashion, slogans like ‘ethical fashion’ and ‘slow fashion’ are joining the mainstream,  while the trend for upcycling, recycling and restoring or  buying vintage clothes and jewellery is continuing. And despite the economic climate Fair…

Housewarming Gift Ideas for Green Living

Salad growing in a pot on the kitchen bench

So your friends are moving into a new house and you’d like to get them something useful to celebrate, but what? These are simple living people who simply won’t appreciate what they perceive as unnecessary clutter. Or more explicitly, as landfill. Here are some housewarming gift ideas that might help: Consider getting useful solar powered…