Window Cloth Instructions

Smooth, shiny cloth. Designed to clean, dry and polish while simultaneously trapping dirt and grime. The surface will be left clean and streak-free.

WHERE TO USE: Use on windows, mirror, crystal, glass, brushed and stainless steel, chrome, knick knacks and other shiny surfaces. Also great for polishing jewellery.

HOW TO USE: Spray water on the surface to be cleaned and wipe dry. For more soiled areas, clean with a damp Envirocloth, then polish with a dry Window Cloth. Also Note: If when you are finished you see watermarks, the cloth is too damp or you are removing residue from old cleaners. In this situation, clean window with an Envirocloth first and polish with the Window Cloth.

Note: Being so smooth, the window polish cloth doesn’t pick up the gritty dirt into its fibres the way the envirocloth does, which is why you should use the envirocloth first for dirtier surfaces. I would always recommend using the envirocloth first on the outside of windows.

Complementary product: for tinted or otherwise coated glass (eg car windows, or shower screens with a protective coating designed to repel soap scum) use the car polish cloth instead, as the window polish cloth could damage the coating.

Here’s a 15 second video demo 🙂


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