Kitchen Cloth Instructions

Absorbent, fast-drying, antibacterial cloths that are fantastic for wiping kitchen tables and benches, stovetops, refrigerator shelves and kitchen spills.

WHERE TO USE: Wiping up kitchen benches, tabletops and stovetops, cleaning out the fridge, kitchen spills, washing dishes – it removes grease, grime and tea and coffee stains very easily and efficiently. Use with Norwex Dishwashing Liquid or other washing detergents if desired, then rinse thoroughly. Do not use on hot surfaces – microfibre will melt.

MAINTENANCE: Rinse out thoroughly and wring out well after each use – ensuring all detergent and food particles are rinsed from the cloth. Launder Kitchen Cloth when required, according to the general maintenance instructions provided and allow it to dry. With thorough rinsing, you may only need to launder every 7-8 days or less. (Basically, wash when it starts to smell.)

COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS: Norwex Dishwashing liquid, for a low suds effective clean, the All Purpose Kitchen Cloth (grey), excellent for greasy surfaces such as the rangehood, oven or BBQ.


New Norwex Kitchen cloth colours - teal, eggplant, sunflower and charcoal

Norwex kitchen cloths 6 colours infinite uses |

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