What is the Difference Between an Envirocloth and a Kitchen Cloth?

I have a post already that describes the envirocloth vs the kitchen cloth vs the all-purpose kitchen cloth, but here is a quick video which clearly explains the first two.

If you have these cloths, remember they may be different colours to the ones she is demonstrating – she does show all the colours available for each cloth at the end (although you could also have a yellow envirocloth, which is no longer available).

My plan is to add more of these videos here, so that my Norwex customers have somewhere they can easily find instructional videos for the products they already have – though remember, my customers are more than welcome to call or email me for help anytime, or have me come over (if you are local) and do a quick demo for you, to remind you the best way to use everything.

No point in having products in the cupboard that you are not using!!