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Swap Shuffle Share is “an online community who swap their backyard bounty at meet-ups, shuffle carrots for cabbages and rhubarb for radishes, and share home-grown tips and tricks about home-growing.”

This is a grassroots organisation, up until now solely funded by founder Natasha Kuperman, and exactly the sort of important movement I think Paul Gilding is talking about in The Great Disruption in his chapter “The Future is Here, It’s Just Not Widely Distributed Yet”. He says

There’s a lot to do, but millions of people have turned up to work, excited, committed, and most important, active and engaged…

They’re not waiting for permission to get on with it. They’re inventing technologies, transforming companies, changing behaviour, starting campaigns, and building new organisations—all designed to flourish in and beyond the Great Disruption.

Swap Shuffle ShareNatasha is now looking for funding to help grow this movement, build the community and inspire more people to grow some of their own food and develop and share these valuable skills.
She says Swap Shuffle Share’s mission is to

  • encourage neighbours and neighbourhoods to become more self-sufficient;
  • engage with local communities through local food initiatives; and
  • excite people to grow edible, enriching gardens.

You can help in one (or both) of two ways:

Go now and vote for Swap Shuffle Share in the Suncorp Helping Hand $5000 Grant competition. You can vote once a day everyday this week.

You can also pledge a donation to their campaign at There are 27 days to go, and $1400 left to raise to get the project off the ground (no pledges are processed unless the project is successful in meeting its goal). There are also some great bonuses for donating, from free seeds to a gift voucher from from The Little Vegie Patch Co.

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  1. May 23, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    Well, you know what they say about joining communities like this, it’s always great to learn and experience something new. It’s always great to talk to people, get to know them and share things that you can never get from anyone. Wishing you guys all of the best. 🙂

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