Three Reasons Solar Systems Are Worth the Cost in the US

Many homeowners in the US are interested in solar power systems for their homes but are unsure if they are worth the upfront investment.

The rising cost of electricity has sent a lot of people looking for alternative solutions, and solar energy is usually among the top alternatives that are considered. One problem people have though is the price tag that comes with being able to power a home using energy from the sun. Many people are finding that while the benefit is definitely worth it, the upfront costs are just too high. There are three reasons discussed here that solar systems are worth the costs.

American government incentive programs for solar energy have provided people with some very lucrative tax breaks. There are many tax credits that were made possible by the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. Tax credits are better than tax deductions because they lower the amount of tax that is owed dollar for dollar whereas tax deductions only lower the tax liability as a percentage.

In addition to Federal tax incentives for solar energy systems there are also state tax breaks that are given to those that invest in solar energy.

Pile of solar panels ready to be installed on a roof

A stack of solar panels ready to be installed on a roof

Consumers who have invested in solar technology for their homes have found that it has significantly lowered their electric bills. These systems can be purchased based on how much electricity is needed to run the home. If the system is large enough it can provide all of the energy the home needs and cut out the electricity bill altogether.

In cases where the energy system produces too much energy, for grid-connected systems the meter outside will begin to run backward. This will cause the excess energy to be distributed back into the energy grid that the power company uses to supply electricity to the homes in the neighborhood. The power company will buy the extra energy that is produced by the home at an agreed price.

Solar energy systems have a long lifespan and are very low maintenance. Most of the solar panels that are used can last upward of twenty years before needing to be losing significant efficiency. Some will last even longer.

Installing solar power also increases home values. Once these panels are installed there is nothing that has to be done to maintain them. It used to be necessary to have to clean oxidation off of the glass of these panels but technology has improved and this is no longer has to be done.

When looking at solar systems it is easy to see that the benefits far outweigh the costs of ownership. The tax breaks alone will pay for a big portion of the system, and the long life and low maintenance make solar panels hassle free. It is easy to see that solar energy systems will begin paying for themselves right away and the upfront investment can be recovered very quickly.