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How to do an Eco-Friendly Road-Trip Around Australia

 (Image source) A road-trip can be the perfect antidote to cabin-fever, cold weather boredom and the travel bug. Whether you’re setting off to visit old friends, or want to make news ones in some new places; road-tripping around Australia’s many beautiful natural assets is one of the best experiences you can have. However, we all…

Five ‘Green’ DIY Projects for the Home

Smarter Renovations Planner | SustainableSuburbia.net

There aren’t many people out there who wouldn’t like to do a little more at home for the environment. Recycling and re-useable bags are definitely a front foot forward, but what if you want to go that little bit further? Sure there is some government information about green building projects and tens of companies offering…

How to Have a Green Christmas Season

Standing 3D Gingerbread Christmas tree, with icing snow.

For many people around the world, this is a time of giving, of family and of renewal.

Whether you celebrate Diwali in October or November, Saint Nicholas Day on December 6, Hanukkah, Winter or Summer Solstice, Christmas, or even just New Year, it’s likely there’ll be some kind of gathering of family or friends, possibly involving gift giving, almost certainly involving one or more large meals.

While these celebrations can provide an important time for renewing relationships, personal introspection and joyful participation, sometimes they can feel like a mass of over-consumption.

Choose Alternatives to Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too by Beth Terry author of MyPlasticFreeLife.com

The Australian Go Tap campaign offers some stark facts, some of which may surprise you. It’s probably not surprising, though, to learn that Australians spend over half a billion dollars per year on bottled water when you think of the volume of people you see in the gym, on the street and in cafes with…

Sustainability Education Portal Launched

The Antarctic Environment (for 2-4 players)

The Australian Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (what a mouthful!), has recently added an Education Portal to their website, with entry points for students and teachers, though the information reached doesn’t seem to be significantly different for the two groups. Categories include Sustainable Living, Biodiversity, Marine, Heritage, Land, Water, Parks, Indigenous Australians,…

The Pros and Cons of Eco-Friendly Cars

car plugged in to a charging station with the words "zero emissions" visible on the back

Eco-friendly cars have been growing in popularity, as the effects of global warming continue to make headlines all over the world. Manufacturers of green cars are constantly trying to improve the functionality of electric and hybrid cars with the aim of eventually replacing the conventional automobile with zero carbon emission models. There are a variety…

Sustainable Interiors and the Future

Sustainable interior design is concerned with the present health of people and the planet and also with the future health of the world and its inhabitants. The two are inextricably bound: only by ensuring the health of the environment at the moment can we hope to ensure a good quality of life for future generations.…

South Australian Plan to make Biofuel from Algae

Environment engineer Stephen Bedford Clark is setting up a programme in the Eyre Peninsular in South Australia which will see agriculture using locally grown algae to make locally produced fuel. “We’re not having to transport carbon with carbon and the costs are reduced, ” he told ABC reporter Annabelle Homer. Clark is setting up an…

Installing Residential Solar Power Systems

two rows of solar panels cover one side of our home's roof

(This article updated in May 2012) It is is becoming more and more cost effective to install solar power in homes, around the world. This is not only because of the reduction in costs associated with building a rooftop solar power system (costs of PV solar panels dropped by around 50% in 2011 alone), but…