New Australian 6 Star Rating System to Reduce Greenhouse Gas

In Australia, all new homes, renovations, alterations, additions, and even relocations now need to comply with the new 6 Star Standard rating for energy efficiency.

The Standard, which came into force in May 2011, is designed to reduce green house gas emissions from Australian homes. It applies to all new houses, townhouses and apartments, as well as enclosed garages if they are attached to homes. It also applies to new work done to existing buildings.

A well designed 6 star home will use around 24% less energy than a 5 star home – that’s nearly a quarter of your energy use. And when you consider that many older homes have less than a 5 star rating, and that homes produce one fifth of Australian greenhouse gas emissions, the importance of good design starts to become obvious.

Sources: The Owner Builder, oct/nov 2011, 167.!