Baby Body Pack Instructions

3 pack of pastel coloured washers. Suitable for face and body. These cloths are similar to the Norwex Body Pack but are a smaller travel size and a perfect size for facial care, or for baby. Ultra fine fibre technology allows skin to be cleaned thoroughly with only water.

WHERE TO USE: A natural way to clean and exfoliate the skin. For baby and children: removing face paints from children, baby’s face and body, cleaning baby’s gums. For facial care: to remove makeup and mascara, used for treating acne and blackheads, daily hygiene, skin care, removing excess oils from the skin and ultra fine exfoliating.

HOW TO USE: For dry or sensitive skin including skin around the eye area, leave a lot of moisture in the cloth. For oily skin or for a deeper exfoliation, wring out cloth well prior to use. The more water in the cloth, the less it will remove oils and exfoliate, the less water in the cloth, the more it will remove oils and exfoliate. For managing acne, use a fresh cloth each day.

MAINTENANCE: Rinse well, wring out and hang to dry. After use for makeup removal the cloth may be stained with mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. Just apply a bit of soap to the cloth and agitate it against itself. Then rinse well until the water runs clear and wring out.

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