Car Wash Mitt Instructions

Green mitt with chenille microfibre fingers on one side, plush microfibre other side. With it you can wash your car with half a bucket of water. Can also be used to clean flyscreens and security grills. Use the smooth side on the inside and the shaggy side on the side with the grill.

HOW TO USE: When washing car, ensure car is in the shade, and paint surface is relatively cool. Wet the entire surface thoroughly. Wet your mitt in a bucket of water and wring out slightly. Wash from the cleanest area to the dirtiest (from the top down) with the microfibre fingers. Wash and rinse each section, dry with the Car Finishing Cloth, to ensure a shiny, polished finish. The plush microfibre side of your mitt can be used to clean windows, mirrors and the interior of your car.

To clean flyscreens, wet and wring out, and use the plush microfibre side. Wipe down entire surface.

To clean security grills, wet and wring out, and use the side with the microfibre fingers. Brush across the surface, working diagonally. Clean in both diagonal directions.

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