Bath Towel Instructions

These lightweight, soft bath towels dry you instantly. They absorb 7 times their weight in water, and also dry very quickly. It is best not to launder them with fluffy linty fabrics, as the microfibre will pick up the lint.

Just as with the Norwex cleaning cloths, the Norwex towel is antibacterial with embedded micro-silver to destroy bacteria and odours in wet fabrics. The towels are a perfect addition to any bathroom, for use at swimming lessons to dry kids quickly and to remove surface contaminants and chlorine from their skin, and to take to the beach.

IMPORTANT: Avoid contact with grass – it will get stuck in the microfibre and is difficult to remove. Sand can be removed with a quick shake however.

Because the microfibre can be quite “grabby”, being the same as the body cloths, it is recommended to pat dry rather than rubbing dry – otherwise you might be doing some exfoliating as you dry!!

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