Australia Leads the Way With Eco-Friendly Electric Car Network

The world’s first mass market, zero emmission car will arrive in Australia in 2012, while the world’s largest electric car charge network will give the car the same range as petrol cars.

Beginning with the ACT in the second quarter of 2012, Better Place will be rolling out its network which will include both public charge spots and battery switch stations. Meanwhile the Renault Fluence ZE will also arrive in Australia. Under a deal between Renault Australia and Better Place, Renault will supply the eco-friendly cars, while Better Place will provide a subscription service that will allow unlimited access to batteries, the network of public charge spots and battery switch stations, as well as personal charge spots at home or work.

Importantly, Better Place have committed to purchasing 100% renewable energy for its Australian network, making this a truly clean, eco-friendly car network. By 2013 Australia is set to have the largest electric car charge network in the world.

The Renault Fluence ZE is a 100 per cent electric, five seat family car. The car will offer Australian drivers a range of 185 kilometres (NEDC) before recharging or switching their battery. Battery switch stations will work much the way BBQ gas bottles are swapped, with the battery leased as part of a subscription.