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When is Solar Worth It?

two rows of solar panels cover one side of our home's roof

With Australia’s clean energy investment at an all time high and solar costs continuing to fall, is now a good time to get solar for your roof? Here’s a guest post from PowerScout to help you assess your options. Most solar sales pitches extol the virtues of solar power and promise thousands of dollars in…

Installing Residential Solar Power Systems

two rows of solar panels cover one side of our home's roof

(This article updated in May 2012) It is is becoming more and more cost effective to install solar power in homes, around the world. This is not only because of the reduction in costs associated with building a rooftop solar power system (costs of PV solar panels dropped by around 50% in 2011 alone), but…

Why use LED garden lights?

Solar accent lighting along both edges of a garden path

LED garden lights come in all sorts of designs from novelty to serious landscape lighting. They can be used for general landscape lighting or to highlight particular areas of your garden – perhaps a path, a deck or patio area, or even for patio umbrella lights, or along a flight of stairs. Why use LED…