Mould and Mildew Stain Remover Instructions

This environmentally friendly spray removes mould and mildew stains from all types of surfaces, both indoors and out. It does not contain harmful chemicals and is free from chlorine, bleach and peroxide! Safe to use on a variety of surfaces including tile, sealed grout, porcelain, natural stone, laminate, glass, plastic, stainless steel, wood and concrete.

How to use: Apply generously and directly to mould and mildew stain. Wait until stains disappear and rinse. Heavy mildew buildup may require longer contact time or multiple cleanings. If the stain persists, re-apply product as needed, wait 10 minutes and scrub area with EnviroCloth, Scrub Cloth or Bathroom Scrub Mitt and rinse clean with water. Rinse immediately after use on rubber, plastic, wood and vinyl.

Note: Test in an inconspicuous area first. This product may not be able to remove stubborn mildew stains that are embedded in hard water deposits, old grout or silicone caulking.

mold and mildew


You can buy the Norwex Mould and Mildew Stain remover from me in Australia, or if you are in Canberra contact me to see Norwex in your home. If you are elsewhere, check to find a consultant in your country. Of course, if you already have a Norwex consultant, you can contact them directly to order.

If you are interested in joining Norwex, I am always looking for more passionate people to join my team in Australia and New Zealand to share our mission and products, and help more people to detox their homes.

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  1. June 12, 2018 at 9:36 pm

    I’ve never tested Norwex before but will give it a try. I was using Concrobium Mold Control Trigger Spray, but I am going towards a more natural and environment friendly solution. Great article, thanks.

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