Last minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Okay, so Christmas is in 4 days. Who’s finished their present buying/making frenzy??

Not me, haha!

One thing I try to do every year is have the kids help with making gifts for their grandparents and aunts and uncles. Years ago my family decided to only buy gifts for the kids, but I have always been uncomfortable about them receiving, but not giving. I don’t feel like that is the right message for them to be growing up with, around Christmas.

Anyway, this year, 4 days before Christmas, we haven’t done it!

Some of the things we’ve done in the past are lotion bars and body butter and lip balms (my recipe is in my book), jams, school photos in paper frames they have made/drawn (for the fridge)… One year when Liam was about 6 or 7 he sewed little felt frames for his school photos, to hang on the Christmas tree. I think they’ve made ornaments too.

Anyway, here’s another idea I haven’t used before.

Flavoured olive oil! So simple – you just need a few nice bottles or jars (not too big, as this has a short shelf life), get some good quality olive oil (I like to use Australian), pop some herbs in the jar (a couple of sprigs of rosemary is looking good to me because I have some in the garden!), gently heat the olive oil on the stove and then and pour over the herbs. Presto!

I have read that you should store this in the fridge and use within 10-14 days, so it’s a good one to make at the last minute!!

If you want to make longer lasting infused oils, this article explains what is safe, and what is not.

Attractive bottle of olive oil with several sprigs of rosemary inside.

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  1. Katy
    December 30, 2016 at 1:45 pm

    Thanks for that link about the health side of this process, I didn’t know about that.

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