Guinness Ratify Cloth Diaper Challenge Results

Guinness have ratified the evidence and the official Guiness World Record for most cloth nappies changed simultaneously is 5,026 people.

The Great Cloth Diaper Change was held around the world on April 23 (US time) with the aim of raising the public awareness of the benefits and ease of cloth diaper use.

The unofficial record stands at 6775 people. Some of these weren’t counted in the official record because their venues did not meet the Guinness requirements, for instance of a minimum number of attendees.

The unofficial tally came from:
Australia (where it was two in the morning!) – 3
Brazil – 43
Costa Rica – 5
Dominican Republic – 5
Germany – 26
Malaysia – 64
Spain – 17
Switzerland – 13
Canada – 912
United Kingdom – 25
United States – 5546 Plus 116 participants from home via the twitter chat.

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