Food Focus May and Finding Balance in Your Sustainable Life

Sustainable Suburbia has a bit of a food focus this month, from learning how to make yoghurt from scratch to growing green beans and blueberry bushes.

Here in Australia it’s a bit late to be growing beans, but it’s a great time to start thinking about planting bare root fruit trees. Blueberry bushes are usually planted in early spring of course, but the ground needs to be prepared earlier, particularly if your soil is not naturally acid.

Meanwhile the cold makes baking delicious treats like banana bread more appealing, so we have the best ever banana bread recipe to tempt you. On the other hand if you are in the northern hemisphere, you might prefer to try our yummy lemon yoghurt recipe (see down the bottom of the page).

stones balancing

Photo by Grégoire Lannoy

Sustainable living is often equated with doing things from scratch, be it DYI solar panels, cooking from scratch or growing your own fruit and veg. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s important to find your point of balance, or your sustainable life will simply be unsustainable. So if gardening is not your thing, maybe you can make a commitment to buy more local and/or organic produce instead. Or choose to cut meat out of one or two (extra) meals per week. There was a series of posts in the sustainable living blogosphere a while ago discussing the issues of life balance and living sustainably, which you will find linked from (now half way down) our new Facebook page.

Guest writer Jenni Sunde has some other ideas to help the beginner find ways to go green at home, without being overwhelmed by the effort.

This month we have also added a new Facebook page (please go ‘like’ us, if you are a Facebook fan) and some Writer’s Guidelines for those interested in guest-posting on Sustainable Suburbia.

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