Crystal Deodorant Instructions

The Norwex Crystal Deodorant is made from crystallised natural mineral salts which kill odour causing bacteria. It contains no harmful chemicals, oils, perfumes or emulsifiers, but is made from alum, which is a compound formed by the combination of the mineral salt version of aluminium plus the mineral salt ammonium. Together they form a totally new compound called alum. The alum molecule has a chemical structure too large to be absorbed into the pores of the skin.

Because alum cannot be absorbed by the body it is a safe, more natural alternative to chemically-based antiperspirants and conventional deodorants. Your body is allowed to perspire naturally, yet the salt inhibits the growth of bacteria within your perspiration, and thus, controls and prevents the odour associated with it.

WHERE TO USE: Use it under arms, on feet, etc. and also on mosquito bites, shaving rash or razor burn, and other minor skin irritations. It also works well in runners and in work boots.

HOW TO USE: Wet crystal before using on each underarm, rub under arms then rinse and dry crystal (especially at the base) before replacing cap. Drying off with a towel, then leaving to air dry completely before replacing cap is recommended as it can become smelly if cap returned while the deodorant is still damp.

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