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Mighty Mesh Pot Scrubber Instructions

mighty mesh

Rust-proof stainless steel scrubber with a handle. Can only be used WET. WHERE TO USE: Heavily soiled areas where a little elbow grease is needed. Great for tiles, coffee pots and burnt on foods. HOW TO USE: To clean your oven all that is needed is water and a Pot Scrubber. Must always be used…

Magnet Ball Instructions


A magnet covered in hard green rubber, which softens water for use in washing machines and dishwashers. It reduces by half the amount of detergent needed and usually no rinse agent is needed in the dishwasher. Not necessary for front loading washing machines as not enough water passes through magnet ball. WHERE TO USE: Use…

Lint Mitt Instructions

lint mitt

Small enough to travel with you in your handbag or the glovebox of your car. HOW TO USE: Insert hand and brush against the grain of mitt to remove unwanted lint, pet hair etc. Swap to other hand and flip so that you will be able to again brush against the grain of the mitt.

Kitchen Towel Instructions


Made of Norwex’s outstanding BacLock microfibre, these Kitchen Towels are extra absorbent and perfect for a variety of kitchen jobs including drying dishes or as a hand towel. They dry rapidly so you always have a dry towel in the kitchen. Once you’ve used this tea towel, you will never want to go back to your old…

All Purpose Kitchen Cloth (aka The Grease Cloth) Instructions

A very dirty rangehood with one patch of grease wiped away, with the all-purpose kitchen cloth | SustainableSuburbia.net

Charcoal, waffle-weave microfibre. The ultimate non-abrasive, grease absorbing cloth that will not transfer kitchen greases onto other surfaces. Made for cleaning up heavy surface grease with just water. WHERE TO USE: Use on any greasy surface including ovens, rangehoods, splashbacks and BBQ covers and surfaces to remove heavy grease and grime and general wiping. Also…

Kitchen Cloth Instructions

Norwex kitchen cloths 6 colours infinite uses | SustainableSuburbia.net

Absorbent, fast-drying, antibacterial cloths that are fantastic for wiping kitchen tables and benches, stovetops, refrigerator shelves and kitchen spills. WHERE TO USE: Wiping up kitchen benches, tabletops and stovetops, cleaning out the fridge, kitchen spills, washing dishes – it removes grease, grime and tea and coffee stains very easily and efficiently. Use with Norwex Dishwashing…