US: Tick Season to Be Worst Yet: Home Owners, Government Parks Turn Towards Unique Garlic Juice

Global warming is a term that has become all too common to citizens of America and people throughout the world. We have all heard of the dangers that are currently being presented to our atmosphere because of global warming, but we are still only beginning to grasp the other changes to our planet that this could bring about.

Insects and mites such as mosquitoes or ticks thrive in the heat. In fact, the cold months during winter every year has been pretty much the only thing keeping our planet from being overrun with these blood-sucking creatures. In 2011, global temperatures were markedly lower than they have been in past years, and experts agree that we are all going to be facing a very serious threat from insects and the diseases they carry in the northern summer of 2012.

A mosquito perched on someone's finger nail.Ticks in America are already known to carry a number of deadly diseases that can be transmitted to humans and other animals. Tularemia, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Babesiosis, Anaplasmosis, Colorado Tick fever, Ricketts (Rickettsia parkeri Rickettsiosis) and relapsing fever are only a few of the potentially deadly diseases that you might find on a tick in America.

The USDA, along with many other organizations and scientific institutions around the world, are constantly working to find a way to prevent the damages caused by insects and keep the people of the world safe from the diseases they carry. Field research that was done by the United States Department of Agriculture on various tick repellents showed that a very unique strain of garlic extract is able to repel ticks for four weeks and kill any tick larvae in the area – a garlic extract known as Mosquito Barrier.

Mosquito Barrier was created by the Garlic Research Labs of Glendale, California in an effort to provide a natural solution to ticks and other insects that actually worked better than the dangerous and damaging pesticides currently being used by many, and that is exactly what they did. Today, Mosquito Barrier is used by golf courses, government-owned parks, and in the backyards of countless households as a natural tick repellent, and the fact that it has been around for 21 years gives you an idea of just how well it works.

Ticks are perfectly comfortable waiting for their next host (and meal) on a blade of grass, leaf, tree, wooden wall, on the floor, or just about anywhere else you can think of. In other words, your back or front yard is most definitely the perfect habitat for a tick; even a small walkway or patio in the front of an apartment could prove a perfect place for a tick to find its next meal. During tick season, spraying down your property with Mosquito Barrier once every 4 weeks will keep ticks from coming near it, and it will also kill all of the larvae that might be on the floor.

It has been noted that Lyme disease, the most common disease that is transmitted by ticks, is more often transmitted to their host when ticks are still in their early stages of life. That being said, it is clear that the main issue lies in the small tick larvae that you can’t even see. Mosquito Barrier’s ability to eliminate tick larvae in any sprayed area without using any damaging chemicals or pesticides has been an extremely important breakthrough for our environment and ecosystem, and any home owner or renter couldn’t ask for a better product when it comes to safety, cost, and effectiveness.

This article was submitted by the Mosquito Barrier website, where you can place orders directly and learn more about this natural tick repellent. Every purchase comes with a money-back guarantee, and this product has been proven to be very effective in keeping ticks, fleas, gnats, mosquitoes and fire ants off your property and far away from your family and pets.

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