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How to Have a Green Christmas Season

Standing 3D Gingerbread Christmas tree, with icing snow.

For many people around the world, this is a time of giving, of family and of renewal.

Whether you celebrate Diwali in October or November, Saint Nicholas Day on December 6, Hanukkah, Winter or Summer Solstice, Christmas, or even just New Year, it’s likely there’ll be some kind of gathering of family or friends, possibly involving gift giving, almost certainly involving one or more large meals.

While these celebrations can provide an important time for renewing relationships, personal introspection and joyful participation, sometimes they can feel like a mass of over-consumption.

Urban Farming About More Than Just Food

With youth unemployment now at over one million in the UK, skills upgrades are more vital than ever. In respose to this need, Cultivate London began an urban farming project in March, in which young people aged 16-24 can learn real gardening skills. The project has both apprentices and trainees, supported by a head grower…

South Australian Plan to make Biofuel from Algae

Environment engineer Stephen Bedford Clark is setting up a programme in the Eyre Peninsular in South Australia which will see agriculture using locally grown algae to make locally produced fuel. “We’re not having to transport carbon with carbon and the costs are reduced, ” he told ABC reporter Annabelle Homer. Clark is setting up an…

Simply in Season: Buy Local, Think Global, Cook Seasonal

Simply in Season book cover

Only a decade ago I couldn’t get the grapes my pregnant body craved because they were out of season. Yet now I spend perhaps a third of the year refusing to buy my children the grapes they can see in the supermarket because they are grown in the USA and imported to Australia, where we live; we are trying to buy local at least to the extent of buying produce grown in our own country. Though when Australian grown mangoes appear in the shops in Spring, I must conclude that they have travelled thousands of kilometres south to where we are still huddled beneath our thick quilts on frosty nights.

Buy Local, Think Global. It is a slogan that represents the local food movement and is becoming well known as we consider the fossil fuels burned and carbon emissions released when we fly grapes half way across the world so we can have the convenience of eating them year round. Before the long months of nausea in my first pregnancy, when I craved juicy oranges and mandarins and the elusive grapes, I had little awareness of the seasonal nature of produce.