Silicone Lids Instructions

19225799_1181295585349931_4838205066041282704_nPerfect for keeping hot and cold foods fresher for longer without having to use plastic wrap or aluminium foil. They are BPA free and made from 100% food-grade silicone.

HOW TO USE: Cover food and create an air-tight seal on any smooth-rimmed, stainless steel, glass, plastic or ceramic container to keep food fresh when storing.

They can also be used for quick cooking, steaming and reheating food in the oven or microwave. Flip upside down for the microwave to prevent sealing.

Maintenance: Wash in the dishwasher or hand wash.


You can buy the Norwex Silicone Lids online from me in Australia, or if you are in Canberra contact me to see Norwex in your home. If you are elsewhere, check to find a consultant in your country. Of course, if you already have a Norwex consultant, you can contact them directly to order.

If you are interested in joining Norwex, I am always looking for more passionate people to join my team in Australia and New Zealand to share our mission and products, and help more people to detox their homes.

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