Join Norwex for FREE in Australia and New Zealand in July AND August

Although the details in this post are now out of date, you can join Norwex for free NOW, with the “join-for-free” kit until the end of March, 2019, OR with the Party Starter Kit, anytime (see Australian joining info here, or New Zealand joining info here).

Join Norwex for only the cost of shipping in July and until August 14, 2018 in Australia and New Zealand |

On this page:

Join Norwex for Free | Get a limited edition upgrade kit at 44% off | Get more FREE GIFTS | Get a $50 spending spree! | How to get around $300 worth of FREE Norwex products

Have you contemplated joining Norwex yourself?

Maybe you’d like to make a little pocket money selling a product you love, maybe you’d like a second income stream, maybe you’d like a whole career shift… maybe you’d like to work with a company that will treat you like an asset, help you develop your leadership skills (and then pay you for doing so), AND help you make a difference in the world, all at the same time?

How would $200, $600, $1000 extra dollars each month affect your life?

How would you like to get around $300 (or more!) worth of free Norwex products?

Or maybe you just think it would be fun to try something new!

I would love you to join my team, which spans Australia and New Zealand, full of people changing their own, and others’, lives!

All good reasons to take advantage of this amazing offer to get your Norwex consultant kit for nothing more than the cost of shipping with no sales requirement afterwards! This offer is valid until MIDDAY August 14, Australian Eastern Standard Time. (Maybe it’s safer to join by August 13??)

If that sounds like something you would like more information on, you can contact me now, and I can post you out some info,  or take a look at my pages on how to join Norwex in Australia, or become a Norwex consultant in New Zealand. Or, if you’d like to browse some more information and ask questions in a no pressure forum, contact me and ask to be added to my team’s joining Norwex facebook group, which you can browse at your leisure.

(Oh and guess what? There are some other New consultant offers and rewards this month too!! See details below…)

Limited Edition Kit Builder

Want more Special Offers? When you join Norwex before midday on August 14 you can also choose to get a limited edition kit builder pack that is 44% off the retail price!! When you join Norwex there is always the option to upgrade your kit with your choice of three a Starter Kit Builder Packs, but this is a special limited edition pack, extra discounted!

 Norwex Limited Edition Starter Kit Builder Pack save 44 percent, available until midday 14 August, 2018 | SustainableSuburbia.netJuly18 Norwex Limited Edition Starter Kit Builder Pack New Zealand save 44 percent | Sustainable Suburbia

But wait, there’s MORE!

When you get the upgrade kit (or any Starter Kit Builder) OR put in an order of $275RRP/$250net sales after joining you will also get this FREE limited edition Chevron body cloth AND a FREE orange/vanilla lip balm! (Orders must be placed by midday August 15, AEST.)

That means, if you join with the join for free kit and the limited upgrade kit, you will be spending AU$177.95/NZ$203.45 to get AU$472.50/NZ$543 worth of products (that’s AU$294.55/NZ$339.55 worth of FREE NORWEX)!!

And, if you get the party starter kit instead (still with the limited edition upgrade kit) you will pay the same and get even more value!!

Norwex consultant incentive august 18 - Free lip balm and body cloth |

And still more!!


For anyone who joins in July and August and then submits a qualifying party in August (this could be just your own “start up” party) will get a $50 shopping spree to spend! woohoo!

How to get a $50 shopping spree when you join Norwex in August |

Note: this next offer was for July joiners only, but I’m leaving it here in case anyone who did join in July wants to come back and check the details:

Quick Start gift offer (JULY ONLY)

If you join by midday August 1, with any builder pack, AND you achieve your first level of fresh start rewards within 20 days (which is super easy to do, I will explain more in a minute) you will ALSO get a pink Bathroom Scrub mitt (not available to buy – usually only available as a host gift) AND a kitchen towel in orchid, absolutely free. And that’s on top of the pack you would get anyway as a fresh start reward.

Norwex Join For Free Quick Start Gifts Australia and New Zealand 2018 |

What are Fresh Start Rewards and how do you get them?

The Norwex Fresh Start rewards are a way to build up your kit in the first 90 days after joining, just by putting in a few orders. And the bonus is, the Kit Builder packs count towards your fresh start rewards, and not only that but they count at the retail price, not at your 40-44% off price! So even the smallest one covers more than half the sales requirement to get to the 1st Fresh Start level, before you’re even through day one!!

Here are the details of the Australian Fresh Start rewards and Kit Builders, and the New Zealand Fresh Start Rewards and Kit Builders (aside from the limited edition one which you can see above).

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