Guest Editorial: Focus On Solar Energy

With all the talk of conventional energy being on the way out and the world needing to find sustainable alternatives, let’s focus on solar energy. Solar energy is basically gathering the energy found in sunlight and turning it into electrical energy. It is a cheap and effective way of generating power which does not produce pollution or byproducts and is renewable – in that it keeps on churning out and does not rely on the destruction of  limited natural resources as does electrical power from coal fired power stations for example.

Solar Power Is Safe And Clean

Another one of the advantages of solar energy is that it is safe to use – unlike the much popularized nuclear reactors in Japan. True, nuclear power stations would be much safer built in an area not susceptible to earthquakes and tsunamis – but they are still not safe, even then. They produce poisonous, deadly waste which has to be dumped and stored somewhere. Solar power generation on the other hand is not like that.

A solar energy power station produces no byproducts – there is no pollution. Any accidents will not result in the potential death of thousands of people; solar power does not chew up limited and precious natural resources. The production of solar energy will continue as long as the sun shines. The equipment is even less prone to breakdowns due to the absence of moving parts in the power generation system.

Solar Power At Home

Implementing solar power for your home’s energy needs is getting cheaper all the time. Improvements in technologies and reductions in price make solar energy a more attractive option for home owners who are energy conscious and want to save money. Building DIY solar panels will bring costs down even more – making it cheap to set up solar energy gathering equipment which will reduce your reliance on the grid. Better than that – you will be doing your bit to reduce consumption of limited natural resources, and reducing your own carbon footprint.

To build your own solar panels you will need only basic materials and tools – plus solar cells which you will wire together to form a solar panel. The only thing that remains is to hook the panel up to a power storage unit – usually a battery bank. This equipment is readily available and is no longer only the realm of professionals.

Solar Power In Focus

As technology continues to develop, efficiency will improve with it, and costs will come down. That makes this sustainable energy generation source a powerful tool which is increasingly in the reach for families to implement in their own homes. Energy is precious, and we should recognize the need to source our energy needs from natural sources, such as sunlight. Harnessing the solar energy readily available to all of us is the smart and sustainable way to move forward to a better world for our children – living sustainably and reducing reliance on destructive polluting technologies.

Editors note: In this issue of Sustainable Suburbia we have more information on DIY solar panels and on Solar Pool Covers – a more low-tech way of using the power of the sun, without converting it into electricity.

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