How to Make a Simple Citrus Cleaner, Plus Nine Awesome Blog Posts

quartered lemons emersed in white vinegar in a jar

I’ve just made myself a couple of jars of this citrus cleaner, which just involves steeping lemon peel (or other citrus peel) in white vinegar for three weeks. Often I just put a little vinegar in a spray bottle with a lot of water and let my kids have at it. I know they will use far more of whatever spray I give them than necessary (especially my six year old!), so a little goes a long way. But I am looking forward to everything having a lovely lemony smell instead of vinegar!

Midwinter is Past, the Sun is Returning (Slowly)

Six different lanterns, each lit with a candle from the inside, on a black night background

We’ve passed midwinter here in Australia, and the days are slowly but surely getting longer. Of course, we still have the coldest month to get through, but this week in Canberra has so far consisted of some beautiful clear, sunny days. Yes, the mornings have been cold (-5C or so), but the blue skies make…

No Children Were Enslaved in the Writing of this Post

Two children wearing beanies and weilding rakes, on a leafy lawn

It’s nearly the end of autumn, and here in Canberra we have another few days of warm(ish) sunny weather forecast. I’ve been really enjoying getting into the garden this autumn, after a couple of years of neglect since our youngest was born. Our little vegie patch is coming along nicely, with the silverbeet and lettuces…

Is ‘Slow’ Essential for a Sustainable Life?

Hand made sign saying "drive slow" in front of a tree.

‘I’ve realised wanting to do too much is almost as toxic as wanting too much stuff.’ (Tricia Hogbin @ Little Eco Footprints) I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of ‘slow’ lately, as embodied by the slow movement, and I’ve been wondering: is our fast paced lifestyle inherently unsustainable? I don’t mean unsustainable only…

Sustainable, Simple, Slow Living Blogs: Join the Linky List

Sustainable, Slow, Simple, Self-Sufficient, SOLE food, SustainableSuburbia.net

Sustainable Suburbia is host to a set of Linky Lists designed to cover all the variations of sustainable living blogs, from urban homesteading to slow food to living frugally and more. The categories, which certainly have a lot of crossover points, are: Suburban and Urban Homesteading; A Country Plot: Out of Town Homesteaders/Self-Suffciency; Parents Living…