Guestpost: A Solar Decking Light Can Save You Money

Everyone loves a backyard barbecue. And if you want that BBQ to kick on into the night, some kind of outdoor light is in order to keep a barbecue party ongoing until after sunset. Now you can use solar powered LED garden lights to light your parties, and have them come on automatically as it gets darker

These are lights can be placed at the back deck or hang from a pergola, as long as they receive a reasonable amount of sunlight, and instantly turn themselves on during dusk (and turn off the instant the sun rises). And as a bonus, they don’t contribute to your homes electrical bills (or use up the electricity generate by your solar power installation).

Purchasing a solar decking light or other solar garden lights is very easy. They can be bought at your average hardware store or a lightening shop, and some are quite cheap. of course, you get what you pay for, and if your garden lights have only one LED each, you will need quite a number of them to produce a signifcant amount of light. For that reason many LED garden lights come in multi-packs.

It is critical that you place your solar lights in an area where they will receive at least 8 hours of sunlight per day, if you want them to provide light for many hours after sunset. Note though, that in most case they do not need to receive direct sunlight all day, but if you place them in deep shade, they will not charge at all.  When you have solar decking lights, your party can go on into the wee hours.

A Linkable Solar Decking Tile with Four Bright White LED LightsAs an added bonus, solar garden lights provide extra security – burglars are more likely to stay away from your abode because it is properly lit up.  Of course you can also purchase solar powered security lights – flood lights that are triggered by movement – but even just regular decking lights can act as a deterrent to home invasions. You can go online to see the various options available for your choosing – many are even available from! All in all, solar powered decking lights offers a slew of benefits for any and every kind of home. Make sure you acquire one that suits your needs, wants and budget.