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Dear Writer,

I have some very specific requirements for submissions. Please understand that I get a LOT of guest post requests. Most of them do not address the criteria below. From now on, I will be deleting those and moving on. So read the guidelines and follow each point.

Please also read ‘What Not to Do’ at the bottom, and then How to Submit.

Guest Post Guidelines

1. I will only accept a guest post pitch from readers. So get to know the blog. Leave a few (non-spam) comments.

2. Include a specific pitch. This is not just a title and it is not a topic area. Give me your suggested titled and a few dots points of what the article will cover. Be specific: what is your angle?*

3. Include your ‘author bio’ including a link to your site, with your pitch.

4. Use Australian English and keep in mind that about half my readership is Australian. Mostly mothers.

5. Guest posts should be written from your personal perspective.

5. Plan on your post being 500-1000 words.

6. Any images must include credits and you must have permission to use them (please provide evidence).

*NB if you don’t know how to write a query (pitch), take a look at this ebook, from the author of The Renegade Writer. You can get some excellent tips just by reading the kindle sample or the “click to look inside” extract (and the book’s only $2.99 anyway). You can also learn a lot straight from her blog.

What Not To Do

  1. Do not send me message that starts Dear Sir. I have a name, it is all over this website. Use it.
  2. Do not send me a guest post pitch if you want to link back to a totally unrelated website. Like on Insurance or something.
  3. Do not send me a message telling me you would like to write a guest post on a general topic, or with just a title: narrow it down to a specific pitch.
  4. Do not send me a message that says “I would like to write a guest post on your site. Let me know what you would like me to write on.” See #3.
  5. If you do any of these things, do not expect a response to your email.

How to Submit

After reading the whole of this page, use the Submission Form to submit a proposal covering your article idea in detail and your author bio, as you would like it to appear beneath your post. If I am interested in your idea I will let you know how to submit the article, or help you develop it into something more relevant.

Notes About Linking

This should be about publishing a quality, interesting article, not about getting ‘backlinks’ to your website. However, writers are encouraged to include a short bio at the end of their article, which may link back to your website or writing portfolio, or even your LinkedIn or Google profile. Links to relevant sites are okay within the article.

Happy Writing!

Kirsten McCulloch
Non-toxic Cleaning Mum/Writer

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