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How to Grow Cucumbers – Rambling or on a Trellis

Cucumber vine growing on a trellis, with a single cucumber hanging down in the middle, ready to pick

Crisp, fresh-from-the-vine cucumbers are the epitome of warm summer evenings. From the gourd family Cucurbitaceae, cucumbers can be pickled or sliced and depending on the variety, can be cylindrical or elongated in shape. Traditionally thought of as an out-of-control vine rambling across the yard, it may surprise you to know that cucumbers also grow exceptionally…

Growing Drought Tolerant Herbs

oregano and thyme growing in a larger blue ceramic container, hanging over the edges

Though you may assume that, like the water loving herbs in my last article, all your herbs will benefit from being planted in organic, loamy soil in a sunny area, then fed and watered well, actually some herbs positively thrive in barren conditions.  Native Mediterranean herbs like marjoram, thyme, oregano and rosemary grow best in…

Vertical Vegetable Gardening Ideas


Vertical gardening is just plain trendy right now, and it’s definitely a trend worth considering.   If you’re green as well as green fingered (and I’m guessing as you’re on Sustainable Suburbia that’ll be about right!) this method of food growing will suit you (up and) down to the ground. The carbon footprint of this type…