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Growing a Container Herb Garden

large painted ceramic pots containing mint, oregano, lovage, thyme and lettuce.

Container herb gardens really are the business.  Wherever you live in the world you can take account of your climate and your cooking needs, and get together suitable edible plants in one place, ideally within easy reach of your kitchen.  A container herb garden is quite simply a collection of herbs in one container, or…

Growing Tomatoes in Pots

Tomatoes Garlic Basil - The Simple Pleasures of Growing and Cooking Your Garden's Most Versatile Veggies, By Doug Oster

No food grower’s garden is worth its salt without a glorious bounty of tomatoes, and they taste even better with a pinch of salt!  This is ironic, as botanically a tomato is a fruit – ie a seed bearing ovary.  More commonly used as a vegetable, tomatoes are a mainstay of savoury dishes around the…