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Norwex Sale April 2018 – 20-30% off!!

Norwex Mothers Day Sale April 2018

Between celebrating the Norwex’s New Zealand birthday, and special offers for Mother’s Day, Norwex Australia has some amaaazing special offers this month, for both hosts AND customers. So if you’ve been thinking of trying something (maybe the Norwex body cloth, or some other skin care product, or maybe something for easy cleaning without chemicals), this…

Non-toxic Baby – Top Norwex Baby Shower Gifts

baby with Norwex hooded towel

Having a baby is often the reason people start transitioning to a less toxic lifestyle. That moment when you realise your baby is lying on carpet coated with toxic cleaning or fire retardent chemicals, dressed in cloths that are coated with laundry powder fillers, breathing in endocrin disrupting phthlatates from the scented candle you have…