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Natural Oven Cleaning – Before & After Pics

Natural Norwex oven cleaner before and after pics | SustainableSuburbia.net

You might laugh when you hear that some members of my family have been known to laugh at me for being a Norwex consultant (not to mention talking so much about non-toxic cleaning on this blog), because they know how much I hate to clean. Actually, the truth is I hate to tidy more than to…

How to Clean Your Oven with No Nasty Chemicals!

Cleaning the oven with Norwex oven and grill cleaner, spirinet and water

Everyone loves cleaning the oven right? Breathing in those awesome toxic fumes that make you feel like you need to leave the house, all the scrubbing and joy of it? No? Yeah, me neither. And honestly, when I used to clean it with bicarb soda, I was never all that thrilled with that process either…