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6 DIY Christmas Gifts

Felt caterpillar

One way to make Christmas not only more sustainable but also less expensive than it would otherwise be, is to make your own gifts ( I may have talked about this before!!). Now, when I was a kid, that usually meant making something out of cardboard that my parents then had to sneak into the…

Camping Sustainably – Leave No Trace

Leave no trace worksheet, game | SustainableSuburbia.net

LEAVE NO TRACE: ETHICS OF THE OUTDOORS ‘A thing is right when it tends to preserve the INTEGRITY STABILITY AND BEAUTY of the biotic community. It is wrong when it dose OTHERWISE’, As Aldo Leopold said. Leave no trace: what is it, people ask. Is it a responsibility, a stewardship, a passion, a legacy or…

Detox with Delightful Homemade Body Scrubs

Olive Oil Salt Scrub | SustainableSuburbia.net

Have you tried using a DIY (or even shop bought) body scrub before? They can be quite divine, as long as you get/make a good one. I have made the sugar scrub below before – it makes an excellent Christmas present too – and of course I have used the Norwex Organic Olive Oil Salt…

5 Easy to Make Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Five Easy DIY Christmas Gifts | SustainableSuburbia.net

Christmas is only 2 days away, but you can still make these easy gifts, each of which takes between minutes and an hour or two (mostly waiting time). You may even have the ingredients sitting in your cupboard! If not, it’s too late to order them online, but in Australia at least, most are available…

Sunscreen, Nano-particles and Other Nasties

Does your sunscreen help or harm SustainableSuburbia.net

(Originally published September 19, 2013. Last updated April 2019) As the Australian summer comes creeping slowly towards us, the children have been told they need broad brimmed sun hats at school again. For the coldest winter months the Cancer Council now gives the message that a little vitamin D might be a good thing, and…

Baking with Miss Three: Oatmeal Cookies

A three year old in the kitchen Baking Oatmeal Cookies

Inspired partly by Kyrstie’s recent Kids Cooking post on Childhood101, partly by Kate’s post on Picklebums about how simple these oatmeal cookies are to make, and partly by the fact that I had nothing in the house for school morning teas for the rest of the week, three-year-old Eliane and I made biscuits the other morning.…

DIY Disinfectant Cleaning Wipes

How to make your own Disinfectant Cleaning Wipes | SustainableSuburbia.net

My three year old is currently going through toilet training fun. I’m not generally a fan of using a lot of disinfectant and anti-bacterial products. If hospitals have switched back to using plain old soap, to stop the rise of super bugs, then I think I can be safe sticking with mostly soap and vinegar in my house. In this case though, I was prepared to make an exception. So here are instructions on making your own disinfectant cleaning wipes.

How to Make a Simple Citrus Cleaner, Plus Nine Awesome Blog Posts

quartered lemons emersed in white vinegar in a jar

I’ve just made myself a couple of jars of this citrus cleaner, which just involves steeping lemon peel (or other citrus peel) in white vinegar for three weeks. Often I just put a little vinegar in a spray bottle with a lot of water and let my kids have at it. I know they will use far more of whatever spray I give them than necessary (especially my six year old!), so a little goes a long way. But I am looking forward to everything having a lovely lemony smell instead of vinegar!

Midwinter is Past, the Sun is Returning (Slowly)

Six different lanterns, each lit with a candle from the inside, on a black night background

We’ve passed midwinter here in Australia, and the days are slowly but surely getting longer. Of course, we still have the coldest month to get through, but this week in Canberra has so far consisted of some beautiful clear, sunny days. Yes, the mornings have been cold (-5C or so), but the blue skies make…

No Children Were Enslaved in the Writing of this Post

Two children wearing beanies and weilding rakes, on a leafy lawn

It’s nearly the end of autumn, and here in Canberra we have another few days of warm(ish) sunny weather forecast. I’ve been really enjoying getting into the garden this autumn, after a couple of years of neglect since our youngest was born. Our little vegie patch is coming along nicely, with the silverbeet and lettuces…