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Growing Drought Tolerant Herbs

oregano and thyme growing in a larger blue ceramic container, hanging over the edges

Though you may assume that, like the water loving herbs in my last article, all your herbs will benefit from being planted in organic, loamy soil in a sunny area, then fed and watered well, actually some herbs positively thrive in barren conditions.  Native Mediterranean herbs like marjoram, thyme, oregano and rosemary grow best in…

Growing Popular Water-Loving Herbs in Pots

Mint growing in a pot with some lovage struggling in the middle

Following on from Growing A Container Herb Garden, here is some more specific information about growing particular herbs.  The following  herbs all like similarly moist conditions, so could be grouped together in pots, or grown in the same container – though it is probably advisable to grow mint in its own pot, as it is…

Growing a Container Herb Garden

large painted ceramic pots containing mint, oregano, lovage, thyme and lettuce.

Container herb gardens really are the business.  Wherever you live in the world you can take account of your climate and your cooking needs, and get together suitable edible plants in one place, ideally within easy reach of your kitchen.  A container herb garden is quite simply a collection of herbs in one container, or…