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Climate Change could mean higher exposure to toxic heavy metals

Climate change means higher exposure to heavy metals | photo: Pheonix Dust Storm by Alan Stark, Flickr | SustainableSuburbia.net

A study published this month gives us even more reason to be concerned about climate change, and to reduce toxic chemical use. ‘People’s exposure to chemical contaminants could increase due to climate change,’ says Dr Bhabananda Biswas, a researcher with the Cooperative Research Centre for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment (CRC CARE) and the University of South Australia’s Future Industries Institute.

How are Australia’s 160 Million Hectares of Eucalypt Forests Responding to Rising Carbon Dioxide?

The Story of the Understorey - Rising CO2 and how it affects our forest | SustainableSuburbia.net

Six years of research by Western Sydney University shows that higher carbon dioxide (CO2) levels cause significant changes in the diversity of our forests understories. They first established that “Australian trees can’t take advantage of extra carbon due to a lack of soil phosphorus and that rainfall has bigger effects on forest growth than elevated carbon dioxide.” Now, three years…

Powerful Climate Security Exhibition Opens Today

Climate change will have major implications for our defence forces and our regional neighbours. We need to get past partisan bickering and get on with securing our region | SustainableSuburbia.net

It’s the European Union’s 3rd annual Climate Diplomacy Week and a powerful exhibition, highlighting the risk to national and international security from climate change, opens in my town today, at UNSW Canberra. The EU’s touring exhibition, “Environment, Conflict & Cooperation”, visualises the multiple repercussions that climate change has on global health and food security, particularly in Pacific. Governments…

Extreme Weather Here to Stay: Climate Commission

New BOM weather map showing the extreme heat over Australia in January 2013, with a new colour purple in the centre, where the temperature was in the 50s Celcius.

A recent report from the Australian Climate Commission has called the current Australian heatwave unprecedented in measurement records, in terms of the length, the severity and the spread of the high temperatures. “Climate change has contributed to making the current extreme heat conditions and bushfires worse” says the report Off the Charts: Extreme Australian summer heat.…

Prominent Climate-Change Sceptic Converts

Richard A. Muller, professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley, looked at all the climate-change research and found some problems. Pieces of the puzzle that didn’t add up, or studies that didn’t stand up to scrutiny. “It’s a scientist’s duty to be properly skeptical”, he rightly states in a recent article for the…

Effects of Climate Change for Australian Capital: Report

Extreme bushfires, floods and of course drought are all set to increase in Australia’s capital – as elsewhere – over the next few decades, according to a new report prepared for the Australian Capital Territory’s government. The report predicts that with the two degree temperature rise expected over the next fours decades Canberrans will see…

Carbon Price Package – Australia Gives Cautious Thumbs Up

Sign: A Price on CO2? I'm cool with that.

Australia will have a carbon price within 12 months, and it will be $23 per tonne. Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced the details of her government’s carbon price package on 10 July, following  the commitment vote in favour from independent Andrew Wilkie two days earlier, after a long scare campaign from the Opposition. The response…