Norwex Sportzyme |

Destroys organic odours completely! Based on natural enzymes.

The special bioactive formula in Sportzyme contains dormant, non-pathogenic, fast-acting microbes and enzymes that break down and eliminate organic residues which cause odours in shoes, equipment bags and sporting equipment. When sprayed on a surface, these microbes feed off food sources such as sweat, urine and other organic matter present on sports or work equipment, clothes and gear. These microbes release enzymes that break down the organic matter into smaller particles, which allows the microbes to digest the organics and convert them into water and carbon dioxide.

Where to use:  Use on any sport or work equipment, clothes and gear: i.e. hockey skates, football gear, yoga mats, runners, soccer, rugby, baseball, football, golf shoes, dress shoes, work shoes/boots, cowboy boots, snow boots, etc.

How to use: Spray over entire surface wherever odour is present. Let air-dry. (Apply heavily for the first application, then whenever necessary).

It works within 4-5 minutes after application. Once it’s sprayed, the bacteria lifespan is about 48hrs, if a food source is still available. The bacteria die and organic odours are converted to water and carbon dioxide.  Reapply after 48hrs or as necessary.

Note:  Does not work well on areas treated with bleach or disinfectant (these kill the bacterial spores), if the surface has been treated with either of these, please let surface dry completely before using Sportzyme.

You can purchase the Sportzyme online from me, in Australia. Or book a party (online or in-home) and get it with your host credit!

If you are interested in joining Norwex, I am always looking for more passionate people to join my team in Australia and New Zealand to share our mission and products, and help more people to detox their homes. If you would like to know more, contact me here, or click on the links above.

If you are elsewhere in the world, check to find a consultant in your country. Of course, if you already have a Norwex consultant, you can contact them directly to order.