Reactivate Your Dormant Norwex Account for Free until MIDDAY August 14

Reactivate your Norwex account for free

(NB: If you came to this page looking for how to JOIN norwex for free, click here to see the current special offer on joining!)

Did you know you can reactivate your Dormant Norwex account for free at the moment, in Australia and New Zealand? This offer is until MIDDAY on August 14, 2018, AEST (best to just get it done by the 13th, hmm?)

Here’s how:

Log into your account at (AUS) or (NZ). If you don’t know your consultant number, contact your upline to find out or email norwex on support  @  – if you are in my team, email me at kirsten (at) or phone me on 0402 44 55 78.

If you can’t remember your password, you can reset it on this page too.

Once you are logged in, click on the “reactivate” link:

This will create an “order”, which in a normal month, would cost $20. But for right now, it is free! So just submit that order, and your account is reset for another 6 months! If you are in my team, make sure you get in touch and get me to add you to our team facebook party later this month or next month, to check out the new products (released later in August) and share them with your friends!