GuestPost: Conserving Water: Repipe Specialists and Plumbers – Their Difference

One aspect of sustainable suburban living is water conservation. Water is an essential resource, not only for drinking and washing but for growing our food. And increasingly it can be in short supply. Most cities in Australia are nowobserving  permanent water conservation measures, even though Australia’s long drought seems to have broken. The expectation is that access to clean water will be a more commonly occuring problem around he world, as the climate warms.

In sustainable suburban terms, that means not only considering things like rain water tanks, composting toilets, grey water use and low water use gardens, it also means making sure your pipes and taps are in order – that you don’t have any leaks. Leaking pipes or taps can be responsible for a significant amount of water wastage.

Plumbers and Repipe Specialists commonly work on pipes. They are the ones who usually fix leaking pipes, cracking pipes and other pipe system problems. But what are their differences and who should you call first when you have a pipe system problem?

You should call a plumber if the pipes which need to be fixed are copper pipes. If a plumber successfully fixes a galvanized pipe; the pipes may not be leaking anymore but it will still give you more trouble in the future because these kinds of pipes eventually rust. Galvanized pipes should be replaced immediately by Copper pipes to avoid any hazard and danger. Plumbers do not have the equipment and knowledge a Repipe Specialist has concerning refitting the pipes in pipe systems. So you should call on a Repipe Specialist when you need to replace Galvanized pipes with Copper pipes.

Repipe Specialist
Plumbers can also replace old pipes with new ones, which is a fact, so why hire a Repipe Specialist which services are much more expensive? There is just one answer to why you should hire them; it’s because they just simply do it better than Plumbers. Repipe Specialists, as their name suggests, are people who specialize in replacing old pipes with new ones. They also repair pipe problems, such as leaks and cracks. Repipe specialists do more complicated pipe fixtures compared to Plumbers; this makes their services more expensive and they are more valuable than Plumbers.

One of the differences of the two is that Repipe Specialists also do copper repiping. Copper repiping is replacing old pipes with new copper pipes; so there will be minimal problems with your pipes in the future. Most Plumbers and Plumbing Companies don’t have people that do copper repiping. Also, Repipe Specialists offer the best Copper repipe cost compared to Plumbers or Plumbing Companies.

Basically, Repipe Specialists are Plumbers that specialize in repiping and they charge you with ridiculously large amounts of money for their services. Plumbers are good at general problems with the house; such as fixing pipes, installing toilets and showers.

Since you know now the difference between a Repipe Specialist and a Plumber, you know who to call for certain Pipe system problems and you can live a happy and relaxed life that you deserve.