David Bay

David Bay is a part time freelance writer living in Perth, Western Australia.

Vegetable Garden Basics: How to Grow Sweet Potatoes

A jumble of orange sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a wonderful source of Vitamins A, E and C, as well as fibre, and are actually a member of the convolvuli (morning glory) family and not at all related to the ordinary potato.  They have a rich indulgent taste and have no cholesterol or fat.  Great with a roast, cold in a…

Vegetable Gardening Basics: How to Grow Peas

Peas grow on a trellis - seen from above

Peas come in such a wonderful variety which makes growing them a rewarding and fun thing to do.  They grow in a wide range of conditions and like many vegetables, need good rich improved soil and full sun. They are grown in the cooler months and also throughout spring which gives a good cropping period.…

How to Grow Excellent Rhubarb

harvested rhubarb stalks

Although rhubarb looks like psychedelic celery, its striking bushy green foliage against its purple-red stems is a bright addition to the veggie patch or wherever you decide to plant it.  Rhubarb is easy to grow and can be grown from crowns or seeds.  By choosing crowns, which are a fleshy bundle of roots,  you can…

Perennial Vegetables: Growing Asparagus

a bunch of asparagus spears, tied with a string

Editors note: Between this article and reading Barbara Kingsolver’s discussion of asparagus in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, A Year of Food Life, I am determined that I will be growing asparagus in my garden very soon!  If you like Asparagus, you are not alone. It may surprise you though, to know that you will be eating…