As It’s almost Earth Day… I Have a Special Offer for You

At Norwex, everyday is Earth Day. Receive a free set of silicon lids when you spend $100 at a Norwex party or online between midday April 12 and Midday April 19, Australia only |

Did you know that Australia produces almost 3 million tonnes of plastic each year, and up to 130,000 tonnes of it ends up in the ocean? One of the biggest culprits are plastic food wraps (cling wrap), which also have the potential to leach harmful chemicals onto our food.

To celebrate Earth Day 2018 later this month, Norwex is giving away a set of two reusable Silicone Lids (RRP $25.50) – the perfect replacement for plastic food wraps – when you spend $100 or more between midday today and midday April 19th (AEST) (in Australia).

So if you’ve been thinking of giving Norwex a try – now is the perfect time. Check out this month’s amazing customer specials, or just go straight for the Dream starter kit (clean 70% of your home with just this kit and water – doesn’t include the mop), or one of the other discounted collections. Either way, make sure to also grab one of the fabulous MVP packs for only $5 (save $26.50) when the option pops up once your order reaches $100.

The silicon lids can be used on any round bowl smaller than they are. The smaller green one is used daily in our house to cover bowls of food, or upside down instead of paper towels or plastic covers in the microwave.

The larger one we use to cover salad prior to serving, mixing bowls of pancake batter (Ms 11 often makes the batter up on a Sunday morning, but only cooks enough for herself and maybe Ms 8 to eat, leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves in our own time), and various other foods in larger bowls.

We have two sets of each in our house, plus some of the smaller (cup) lids, and the square and rectangular ones. 🙂

More info on the various sizes of the silicon lids here.

The offer is valid until midday April 19, AEST.

Here's how we store our Norwex silicon lids |