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3 Toxic Ingredients to Avoid, & How to Replace Them

Unsafe product fact sheet from ConsumerSafety.org | SustainableSuburbia.net

Today I have a guest post from Consumer Rights Investigator and Advocate, Lindsey Pasieka.  Hi everyone! Today I wanted to talk about some lesser known toxic ingredients that are found in everyday items. We’re all used to searching for home and child-safe cleaning products, and we blanch at the idea that people used to buy…

Toxic Cooking: Choosing Safer Cookware

Non Toxic Cooking: Choosing Safer Cookware | SustainableSuburbia.net

Did you know chemicals can leach from your cookware into your food? Not just from plastics in the microwave or from Teflon either. More about that below. First, safer choices for your cookware: Stainless Steel – as long as you don’t have a nickel allergy, that is. Avoid cleaning frequently with abrasive materials which may…