Norwex Recycled Napkins – Set of 4

Norwex recycled napkins - made from the equivalent of 5 plastic recycled bottles | SustainableSuburbia.netThe Norwex Recycled Napkins are made from 50% recycled materials. These ultra-convenient napkins provide an eco-friendly alternative to wasteful paper towels or disposable serviettes.

They contain the Norwex BacLock micro silver agent, allowing them to self-purify and inhibit bacterial odour, mould and/or mildew growth within the cloth.

Where to Use:  Complements any décor being Graphite in colour, replace wasteful paper towels and time consuming fine linens.  They are ideal in the home, for holidays or picnics.

Why not have one each at the table with your own serviette rings, and keep using the same one until it needs washing (this is what my grandparents always did!).

Maintenance: Launder as required.

Here’s the fabulous North American consultant to explain a bit more about these fab serviettes (I really can’t bring myself to call them napkins!).

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