Microfibre Variety Pack Instructions

This incredible bundle includes compact versions of our EnviroCloth, Window Cloth and Body Cloth. Keep them around your home or take them on the go – they’re perfect for any kind of clean-up, using just water!

Where to use: Each three-piece set comes with compact versions of our top-selling microfibre, including the ultra-soft Body Cloth, which is great for cleaning hands and faces; the Window Cloth, which is perfect for car windows and mirrors; plus an EnviroCloth which covers just about everything else – so you’re literally good to go!

How to use: Moisten one or all of these cloths with water and slip them into the small front pocket of our Reusable Wet Wipes Bag to keep them handy in your car, purse or nappy bag.

Maintenance: Rinse and air dry and launder in the washing machine when necessary.

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