GuestPost: Even the Best Solar Lights Are Not Always Enough

Solar power has made its way into our homes in many ways. If you are considering it for lighting purposes in your yard or garden, or on your patio, it’s important to understand that even the best solar lights won’t always be able to do the job.

Solar lights use batteries that are charged by “absorbing” the energy from sunlight, storing it and then releasing it into light via LEDs (light emitting diodes). The strongest ones will be able to operate all night emitting a glow, but will operate for a few hours on full power and then slowly wane in brightness. They are not designed to provide bright, intense lighting for an area and that’s why they are normally used in situations where only a faint glow is required.

So when should you use solar lights?

In the right situation they can be very effective and there are many instances where a solar powered light will do a good job. For example, if you just want to light a path in your garden they can sit along the edges and light the way, providing they are able to get some direct sunlight during the day. Also, if you want to provide some illumination to steps or around a pond to make it safer for you and your children they will do a great job.

Solar Driveway markers

Solar Lighted Driveway Markers

Another instance where they are frequently used is on driveways. These solar led driveway lights can mark the edges of the driveway at night so that you can steer your car to where it needs to be.

One of the beauties of these lights is their ease of use. Following an easy installation process, where they can be mounted to a wall, post or on the ground, they will sit there and do their job for years. Light sensors detect when night falls and switch on the lights without any help from you.

Solar outdoor lights certainly have their place in any garden or along any driveway. Just be sure you are getting enough light for the area, and that you aren’t expecting stronger light than they can produce.

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