EnviroCloth Instructions

High quality microfibre that grips to skin when dry. This multi-purpose, antibac microfibre removes dust, dirt, grease and bacteria from washable surfaces. Wet with water and wring out well, and the cloth will wipe away dirt, water, grease and unsanitary residues and up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

Remember, this is your “everything” cloth.

WHERE TO USE: Use damp on walls, windows to remove dirt before using a dry glass cloth, floors, toys, kitchen and bathroom areas, appliances, sinks, shower and toilet. Great stain remover when used damp on carpets and furniture. Spray stain with water, place dry cloth on top of stain and agitate with your foot to remove the stain. For deeper stains, repeat process. It can also be used dry for dusting.

HOW TO USE: Wet the cloth and wring out. Fold the cloth in half and then in half again, this will give you 8 flat surfaces to clean with. Start cleaning, flip over and continue to do this until all surfaces are used. Rinse the cloth in water when necessary and continue cleaning.

When you first clean heavily soiled areas with your cloth, you will notice a resistance when wiping with a dampened cloth. Keep rubbing surface until no resistance. When the cloth glides smoothly over the surface, the surface is clean.

Hosts in Australia and New Zealand receive a free EnviroCloth in the host-only blue-green colour, if they have 5 people place an order through their party.

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